I may have squealed a bit

Yesterday on the train home, I was plugged in to my tunes and playing Solitaire City trying to stay awake when the phone in my hand rang.  I mention it specifically because it’s not all that usual for someone to call me on the train.  It does happen occasionally, but often it’s someone who doesn’t know my schedule like our oldest daughter or my brother.  There are dead areas on the route home so it’s better to text me as JD and our youngest daughter do.

So when the phone rang it was a little startling.  Seeing the area code, I thought perhaps it was one of the in-the-middle daughters so I answered, and got another surprise.

Remember this post ?  Well, if you haven’t read it go on and do that, I’ll wait.  Or not, whatever works for you.

[musical interlude]

Back?  Cool.

Remember that aunt and uncle I thought might still be living?  Well it was actually two aunts and they are both still alive and kicking!  Doing so well in fact that they are on a road trip and they traveled to my neck of the woods because Aunt A’s grandson lives with his family in a nearby neighborhood!  It was Aunt M on the phone yesterday wondering whether I would like to meet with them while they are up here!  Boy would I!

Prior to yesterday’s call I’d spoken with Aunt M twice by phone and she wrote me a letter in response to the note I sent her.  In her letter she mentioned that she and her sister were going on a road trip for about two weeks and asked me to stay in touch.  During our first conversation she’d remembered my mother, and after that call she searched the genealogy book she got from her father.  In her letter and a subsequent call, she said when she returned from the trip she’d make me a copy of a photo she found of my mom, dad and I when I was a baby!  I had been hoping there would be a photo of my father since I never knew him, but I never imagined there might be one of all of us!  I can’t wait to see it!

So tomorrow after work I’m going to meet my aunts for the very first time!  I may have to squeal again.


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