Part 3

It’s come to my attention that I never finished this saga.  No, no one inquired about it, I was just browsing my earlier posts to confirm whether I’d mentioned something in one and realized during my review that I left this incomplete.  Sigh.

This happened some time ago and if you were around here back then you may know that not long after we lost our ancient Lab-mix, Roscoe.  I imagine that’s part of what kept me from revisiting this.  In any event, these are the highlights of the rest of that night.

I did make the last train out of town with time to spare – hallelujah!  It isn’t that I don’t like the bus, it just takes longer and it was already late enough I was whining silently about not being able to change out of work clothes into something more comfortable.  When I arrived home the rep from BathFitter was with JD in the master bath checking it out.  He greeted me pleasantly enough and proceeded to take some measurements before launching to his spiel.

He spread across our coffee table a book with photographs of different shower/bath styles and pulled out a sample of the material they use.  After we perused the selection and noted which choices we liked, he had us watch a video on his laptop while he worked up the estimate.  Are you sitting down?  Take into consideration that we’re conservative by nature.  We didn’t opt for the priciest anything!  Simplicity all the way!  The new shower was going to cost us over six grand!  Even this long afterward I’m feeling a touch lightheaded at that amount.

Granted, their manufacturing methods and lifetime warranty are very attractive.  The easy to clean aspect was right up my alley.  But we’re talking only the freakin’ shower people!  Only. The. Shower.  No bathtub.  No new toilet or vanity or floor.  Just! The! Shower!


By the time he left we were starving, it was long past the dinner hour.  We said screw it and went to our favorite haunt where I may have had an alcoholic beverage (or three).  At work the next day I’m certain I resembled a zombie but it was totally worth it.  So ended the day from hell.

At least now it won’t be bugging me that I never finished this.  Thanks for bearing with me.


2 thoughts on “Part 3

  1. Jeepers! We gutted our bathroom down to the sub floor & 2×4’s (& even had to replace a few of those!) & spent just a smidge over $3 K…but I bet that PLATINUM PLATED shower he quoted would have been nice. 😀


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