The world is a little colder

So many people will be gearing up to write about Robin Williams’ passing; many have in fact already posted; I’ve read several this morning.  Celebrities will comment.  News people will speculate.  Professional therapists will discuss the relationship between addiction and depression.

I don’t have anything earth-shattering to add.  I wouldn’t presume to understand what finally became so difficult to bear that he chose to end his pain.  And I do not blame him.  However, I have been where he was twice, so while I don’t know his particular pain, I do understand the desire to end it even if my own attempts failed.  On the bright side, I’m in a better place (mostly) and I have beautiful children and grandchildren who never would have come to be if I had succeeded.

My heart is with his family.  I hope and pray they find some peace in the coming weeks.

Robin, I hope you too have found peace.  You will be missed.


5 thoughts on “The world is a little colder

  1. Beautiful. It’s just sad to know that thousands of people take their own lives each year and their passing goes un-noticed. I, too, was in immense pain, and suicide seemed to be the only option. The news that my son was in trouble (his teacher called me and told me he was being neglected at his father’s) gave me the strength to fight any and all pain. It’s still there. I don’t know that it will ever go away or just lay dormant unless or until I open that door again. But I now know what it takes to fight it. Should there ever come a time when I feel like that again, all I have to do is think of my son and know that I am all he has in this world. My only hope is that something GOOD comes of such a tragedy. Maybe the spotlight will shift to the severity of mental illness and addiction instead of the Kardashians and what they’re fighting about this week. Very beautiful post. I think more people who are suffering need to know they are far from alone in their feelings.

    Peace, love and happiness Always!!


      • I love being surrounded by positive people (yourself included)! Negativity is so heavy, dark and undesirable. I would much rather be in the company of those who can make a negative situation positive simply by changing their perception. I feel sorry for those so filled with hatred and venom. Who could possibly enjoy living a life feeling like that all the time?


  2. It is very sad. My cousin killed herself at 16 and I have had a handful of other people in my life who have done so. Glad your attempts failed and you are in a better place. I will truly miss Robin Williams. He was obviously hurting on the inside, but he made SO MANY people smile!


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