Generous Genie

The first wish goes to my husband, my partner, my love.  JD, I wish you joy.  Really real, genuine, all CAPITAL letters – J O Y!  Through and through joy like you have never, ever experienced!

If anyone needs a little joy in their lives it is JD.  His attitude is usually defeatist, paranoid and completely lacking in anything remotely resembling joy.  Everyone is out to get him; every new problem is a stumbling block rather than a challenge; everything he has ever had has been stolen from him one way or another – at least according to him.  I so wish there was a way to fill him with joy!  If I could fill him to the brim with joy there would be no room for all the gloom and doom.

Wish number 2 goes to my baby girl.  At almost 30 she’s not been a baby in a long, long time.  However, she’s the youngest of six and will always be my baby.  We had issues when she was a teen, what mother and daughter don’t?  But now we’re buds.  We get pedicures together just the two of us; go window-shopping  and try on clothes together.  We laugh and swear and have so much fun on our own.  For KD I wish peace.  K is in a thankless job where the environment is toxic.  It’s been an unhappy experience from the beginning but lately it’s become harassing and energy-sapping.  Today she’s taken the day off to go to an interview and will take a one hour (give or take) bus ride into the city to have lunch with me.  There’s a very real possibility she’ll go back to her old job which means moving.  It won’t be across the country but it will mean we won’t get to just hop in the truck and go pick her up for dinner when we want to.  I know she needs this; she deserves to be appreciated by her co-workers and employer.  She deserves to find her perfect place where going to work isn’t akin to going into battle.  Peace, then, for my sweet girl.  Overwhelming and complete peace.

The final wish is for one of my dearest friends.  P is rough around the edges and her raspy smoker’s voice only serves to emphasize that.  But she has a heart of gold and would give you the coat off her back if you needed it.  P is almost too trusting and loyal.  She’s opened her home to various roommates over the years I’ve known her, needing not only the rent they contributed, but their companionship as well.  With one exception, they’ve all betrayed her.  Now her health is deteriorating such that she has trouble working and even walking a city block.  This wish may seem a little materialistic after the two above, but I know P and I know what she needs – a home in good repair and free of any mortgage; a paid-for and reliable, late model car; an account set aside to cover her veterinary bills.  I wish P could win a nice lotto jackpot.  It won’t solve all her problems but it would give her resources she desperately needs and make her life easier.

What a lovely treat it would be to grant these special wishes!






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