To Blog or Not to Blog

I’m amazed at how many posts go up here every day.  Having barely enough time to manage the minimum daily effort at my salary-paying job, cope with the basic needs of my home, family and pets, I find myself wondering where everyone finds the time to write.

I’ve heard and read many times that if you’re meant to write you will find – or make – the time.  Based on that, I guess I wasn’t really meant to write.  At least not seriously.  I didn’t get online one time all weekend.  Well, not counting my brief foray on my phone to look up how to reheat an artichoke.  Other than that though?  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  No online time logged.

Between mowing our postage stamp square of lawn, baking the sweet potatoes for my hummus, pre-cooking the artichokes for later in the week, cleaning bathrooms and monitoring the laundry, I had my hands full.  Literally at times.   When I managed to take a break, I planted myself on the sofa, ice water at hand, feet up on the table and Solitaire City or my current book  in front of me on my Kindle.

Sure, I could have been writing.  Even with JD on the computer, I could have pulled out a spiral bound notebook and started scribbling.  But I didn’t choose to do that.  Makes me wonder whether writing is something I long to do or whether it’s something I wish I’d already done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the release that I feel when I’ve poured out my angst over a family argument or my pleasure at something I’ve read or seen.  I guess I’m not all that inspired to write just for the sake of writing.  Turns out I’m not writing for other people, I’m writing for me.  Imagine that.  And that includes whenever or however I want to, even if I don’t want to for days.

In conclusion, I had absolutely no business enrolling in Blogging U’s Writing 101.  Part of my brain (the part that’s still easily convinced I can go beyond my natural laziness I guess) figured it would be a good way to develop a daily writing habit.  And I have to agree, it would be, if I actually wrote on a daily basis.  The really-real part of my brain knew better, but it let the other part have its way.  I’ll likely pop up occasionally to write some drivel, but for now I’ll be over here lurking, reading posts here and there, perhaps commenting.


5 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog

  1. Girl, I hear ya…part of me felt like a failure when I gave up my blog but a much bigger part of me felt relief from the self inflicted pressure of writing on a consistent basis…I say write when you feel the need to share because it makes you feel better to do so. Otherwise what’s the point??


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